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[POEM] Life goes on…

There’s a song playing in the background
I can listen to it…
Its the song of victory
Alas, it’s not for me.

Some moments ago, I crumbled,
I was beaten, defeated, and shaken,
Now, I am lying on the floor…
So, Today, with a smile, I close my door.


A little heart came into the fight,
Fought some rookies and won the way through,
Confidence grew up as he climbed,
And i tell you this story is true.   

He was a good learner, as you see,
For the large chunk of masses he fought,
Collapsed in front of him as,
He used to break their bones apart.

Some years passed but the streak didn’t end,
The rookie was a champ by then,
Until the day he met competition,
“A Champions League” only for the rough men.

He read the advertisement and jumped in the air,
He finally had new challenges ahead
His happiness climbed mountains now, as he,
Marked his way to the ring’s end.

It was going to be tougher than before, he knew,
And he was ready, he thought,
A champion versus champion where only 1 would win,
The bell was rung and fight was fought.

A punch in the jaw, came right across,
A Dropkick that left him shocked,
The Doomsday was here for him,
Because he was the one who was getting knocked.

Some more moments proved easily that,
Cheesed off opponent was getting him skinned,
As soon as he realised this thing,
He was punched, slammed, and pinned.


I was that guy, and he was me
Now its time to close the door,
The streak has ended, the failure accepted
Its time that i should be corrected.

I don’t know about the road ahead,
I’m in a dilemma, which path to choose,
Which door to open and pursue?
How to start it all over again with a me who’s new…

So I just move onto another door,
And enter it without thinking more…
I might come back, if failed, someday,
Or it might be The One and I might just stay.

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  1. Nice 😀
    but koi ni mai teko ab kabhi cs mei headshot ni maarunga :p

    • Main mauka hi nahi dunga, 😀

  2. Yogi Yogi

    gud,,,, thought ..
    apki writing skill tho bhot improve ho gyi hai 🙂

  3. shilpa shilpa


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