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[POEM] Selfishness

Heat that raised you that day,
Has left, as surroundings went cool..
Now, you have a boat with you,
than the plank you had before…

Hold onto your boat, you try,
to think of it as the plank,
You try to have the heat back,
But fail to fill in the blank.    

A shadow that disappeared,
A projection that was wished has left,
You letter, you mail to god,
And ask him, why did he theft?

Small yet, significant properties you try,
to inhibit from the past…
Tell yourself, you’ll be the same soon,
But you don’t untill you last.

Why did the wave came?
And took all that was right away…
Questions and Questions,
But no answers your way…

Someday, you realize, you were responsible,
For the way you are, today…
And no one else, but you, should be punished,
For hurting everyone else some or the other day.

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