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About me

Everyday, life wears a new mask and attacks you, me and pretty much everybody else. When, someone (be it me, you or a 3rd person) handles/fights/accepts this new face of life in a way that’s interesting or inspiring or unique, I share it here.

Having said that, the first thing I want to make clear is, I’m not a literary person. I do wish of someday writing something effective, but for now, and for the years that have been passed, I’ve been a rookie only. There will be grammatical or expressionistic mistakes in my posts, stories, poems, and I’d love if you as a reader could let me know about them through a comment, maybe?

Oh, btw, Hi! I’m Bhavul Gauri, a student who’s currently pursuing Msc.(hons.) Mathematics and B.E.(Hons.) Computer Science Engineering from BITS Pilani K.K.Birla Goa Campus, Goa. I am a free spirit; like to try out new things and walk on new roads, love making new friends without breaking off bands with old. And, I love writing, even though I’m not so good at it.

My work, or thoughts might not get the pearls out of your eyes, or put life to immobile objects, but I try my best to word them out as beautifully as they looked or felt to me.

Hope you have a good read.


The history of this blog. 

This blog originally started as My Personal blog. It didn’t have many visitors and not many people knew about it. Mostly, only my close friends knew it. Then, I started writing poetry and thoughts and short-stories. The link was then shared to some people I wanted a feedback on my write-ups from.  Then, on 15th June 2012 I decided that other than poetry, there’s a lot I wish to talk about with people. There are a lot of other thoughts that roam in my head. So, why not put them forward ?

Update *December 1, 2012*

Check this out – >


  1. sanya sanya

    hey bhavul. one of the best things in u z d way u bring out emotions frm ne incident in life. Hatss offf to ur writing skills………..

  2. Bhavul Bhavul

    Thanks sanya…

  3. sonia sonia

    bhavul i loved ur emotions.u r simple,honest n ve gud at heart.

    • Bhavul Bhavul

      thanks a lot mam. Its all because of teachers like you, that i’m what i am.

  4. aarti jog aarti jog

    u veryy knw hw to express ur feelings in words….ur love foe friends…skul…studies…teachers…etc totally visble….keep up d gud work…:)

    • Thanks a lot aarti 🙂 😀

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