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[POEM] Unusual Request

Age became a problem
A distance between us two…
How can i be a friend?
How ’bout me and you?
Request seems unusual…
But so are you…
And if i ever made a time machine,
I’l jump off to you
You and your childhood, would be the days,
I’ll live and pursue…
My dearest dearest teachers…
I wish to become a friend of you 🙂
You all are so wonderful,
I want to be close to you,
I want to live the moments
That were memorable to you…
I wish to play a role in your memories of childhood,
I wish to put up a smile to your face,
When i call you someday, i want that grace…

That’s why, almighty! Please Grant me this wish…
If you can’t let me be their childhood buddy,
Give them our memories, to cherish….

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  1. aarti jog aarti jog

    Hmmm….apt title….
    bt a swt request…

  2. mohini mohini

    well teddy,dis is smthing rly sweet:)..oved it

  3. meeta meeta

    being a friend is easy
    to find a friend a friend you have to be
    all false parameters
    in truth …in life…who cares..
    students or teachers!

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