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[POEM] Life

Is as long as you want it to be,
It shall always be in your thoughts,
To have the best you can,
But then,
Life might not offer it, not always,
Why ? Because it wants you to see,
How badly do you want it with you?
Will you go on again and challenge yourself?
Won’t you?
Well, if you won’t, then leave,
As its not your cup of tea
And if you are ready, then
All will be with you, again, and always….
And you can run again for it,
And kept doing it,
As long as it doesn’t falls in your hand,
as long as you can…
And make life of yours,
As long as you want it to be!

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  1. monu monu

    hmmmm….dis is exactly apt fr d moment of tym…..spiked wid determination n a hint of inspiration…..although nt ur best masterpiece,bt dis has beautifully captured n worded ur thoughts!!!!!!!

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