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[THOUGHTS] Moment of the Day — January 19 2010

January 19 2010
There’s some darkness somewhere whenever there is light everywhere. . . the darkness isn’t bad. . .but needs to be given light. I could have asked her atleast.
Today it was maths period. Mam wasn’t there but meeta mam was. She the whole period was jus lookin n trying to observe each face and how kiddish each of us are having a swt smile on her face. I had done my work so everythin distracted me. It started with the silly talks of shiva n anuj pissing each other off. i looked up and saw my row. . . whole the row was busy with talks. I extended my view to whole class. But the class looked same as the row. It was like i’m in a call center and seeing the working area. In all of them there was only one person who was quiet, obviously the odd one out always gets the attention. I looked to find out what she was thinking. I had some guesses in my mind(which can’t be revealed here) but i was sure she was sad about something. Her face at that time was identical to a 5yr oldie not given a chocolate when all others are having it. God bless her. Then i saw outside the class there were trees i looked at them for arnd 2 minutes and then they started talking. They waved a ‘hi!’ so did i. And then the bell rang(period got over) and broke up the silence of thoughts in the call center.

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  1. Surabhi Surabhi

    Ur writing skill is osam……why dont u try to write a book

    • Bhavul Bhavul

      not now . . . .

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