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[THOUGHTS] Moment of the Day – Investiture 2010 – Jan 21

The Deserving always gets his prize.
Girte hain sheh-sawar hi maidan-e-jung mein
Woh tifl kya gire jo ghutnon ke bal chala karte hain.

Hmmm. . . So it was after the break. The ceremony. To 70% of the spectators( vi,vii,viii,ix) it was as boring as most of linkin park fans would feel hearing a ’60s hindi dilip da’s song. Nevermind, they’ll understand when their turn comes. We the prefects were too much excited. It was the time We were given new ties and badges. Well leaving all of that let me jump to the 2 Moments of the day which were precious and memorable. Oh ya, there were 2 today and that’s the only reason of writing 2 quotations above.

The 1st one was when all of the new and old prefects, old OB’s and all of the new OB’s(except 1) were standing on the stage and came the moment of announcing the New School Captain. Obviously the whole crowd guessed it was Mohini because the only confusion was between mohini and aman before but aman was already on the stage. Her name was called out.
Deepika Mam: Okay its Mohini Mehta – The new Captain of Mira Model School. And this has happened first time in the history of the school that someone who had been junior school captain will be leading senior school too.
That moment was cherishable. The Victorious Smile on Mohini’s face. The Applaud like Obama is getting a nobel prize. And the Feeling of Pride on All the teachers on the stage. It was like Rama had come back after having victory over Ravana and the surrounding was cheerful and everybody celebrated the crowning of the king. It was heaven’s feeling.
Although this moment itself was much for the day.
But it was investiture after all. It had to be more than just a day with 1 memorable moment only. The second one. Well it was when someone was crying. Aman Sharma – The Cameraman(just joking) – The one person who sacrificed whole of eleventh for the school and for getting popular and in any way getting that captain badge on his coat. Well the investiture didn’t favour him that much. He was just a prefect. Obviously that was the reason for getting emo. Later just before ending of investiture, his name was called out. And that too by Sadhna Mam. And he was granted the post of coordinator for CR’s(Class Representatives). Wow….How he had run to the stage wiping his tears and showing that he’s happy and everybody was happy now thinking ‘Sahi hua iske saath. Bechaare ne itna kuch kiya tha. Khali Prefect hona iske liye galat tha.’ It was symbolic moment, and looked totally filmy. Obviously everybody applauded and were happy for him. This moment reflected and proved right the dialogue – ” Humari filmon ki tarah, humari zindagi mein bhi. . . end tak sabkuch theek hi ho jata hai. . . . Happies Endings. . . aur agar theek na ho, toh wo The End nahi, Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost.” Keep on working like this brother. You Rock!

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    nyc 1 yr……..u jst hve nyc thinkin d way u matched d happenings of skul vith d examples of rama n obama its vas cool…….

  2. Surabhi Surabhi

    Wat a beautiful eg of obama & rama u hav given…….ur writing skill is osam

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