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[WHAT IF] I prove it to you that everything is possible?

We all know we live in the third dimension. Isn’t that a bit wrong? Well, we do live in the 3rd dimension but, as soon as we make a move, we’re actually moving in the fourth dimension – Time.

When you move your hand across your mouse, don’t think of it as just moving your hand from one position to another, think of it as moving your hand as time was also changing. Try to imagine it. I know it’s a bit difficult. You can visualize the way I’m doing it. Think of “Earth” as “Time”, and think of a person on earth moving from west to east of something while the earth is also rotating in his direction. He would not be feeling earth, but you can see the truth.

Now, think of this:

What if we’re actually travelling in the fourth dimension always and third dimension actually stays constant? As if the current time, this very moment, is just an image. And through, I don’t know, maybe a 10000 images per second, or even a higher fps frame rate, we’re moving, and it all seems continuous, like a video. As if, if someone could be in the fourth dimension and not just be moving through it, he could see all the different frames.
Then, that guy could see our future frames too, right?
So then, is it right that they say that all of this, everything is written, scripted, your life, my life, the future of us, and everything around us?
But, maybe not. What if we can imagine the fifth dimension?
Who said time or whatever is the fourth dimension is not moving? Yes, it probably is infinite, but it moves. Just like we do. It’s ultimately just like an object in the fifth dimension.

Now, if time can move different paths, imagine, for a second, your best friend as ‘Time’. He/She’s walking, and he/she has all the space around him/her. He can walk straight or, she can take a turn or, he can just circle around or, she can jump up. Put ‘Time’ back in place instead of your bestie now…. Imagine time walking straight, or curving around.
Deja Vu suddenly becomes easy to comprehend, doesn’t it? Haha!

But, what was point of all this? Point is Parallel Universes. And, how you can jump from one to another. Maybe, you are jumping right now. Let me explain.
If, say for the time being, you’re just an observer, or God, or somebody who can watch all these dimensions play their game, and that I’m the person. And say, I’m going towards a girl, a girl I like. You’re able to see my path through time, or the path time is taking for the life of me you’re noticing. Now, I’ve almost approached her. What do I do? I’m nervous. She’s looking away. I could call her name or, be a bit informally formal and pat slightly on her left shoulder or, pull her hair. I have to take a decision. And, that’ll change her reaction, and further, it might change our topic of conversation, or it might not. The path time will be taking would be different, from that moment. Three different paths in this simple scenario I stated.

You being the Super-observer can see all those paths. Frames/Images of my life through all those paths. Or, basically my 3 different lives. And, these are nothing but three different parallel universes, aren’t they?
And two time paths could cross each other, intermingle a hundred times, and all those times, I’ll be making decisions based on which I could be travelling from one parallel universe to another, without noticing, changing my life, from there, forever. Or, maybe not.

Hence, there’s nothing wrong in believing in possibilities. Possibilities of me becoming a great writer. Possibility of you becoming the best sportsperson of the generation or, nobel peace prize winner or, emma watson’s boyfriend.

Remember, we’re bound by the dimension we sense we move in. Not by our imagination.

Now just include billions of people and zillions of living species into picture, into the third dimension. Just think of the permutations of your decisions! You’re currently living a billion lives. Not just one. Feel lucky, because in another life of yours, you might not have come across this article, and so, that ‘you’ might not be knowing about this you, who’s reading this article right now.

So, Next time you’re thinking you can’t do something, you should know you’re already doing that or have done it already in some other universe, and this Super-observer(and super-lucky) guy is watching you do it. Or, nobody’s watching you from the higher dimensions. Whatever you are, a theist or an atheist. In both cases, you’re lucky to have more lives than a cat, at least.

This is a whole new segment – The ‘WHAT IF’ posts. Sci-fi or philosophy lovers or those who’re of my kind would love these posts. More posts of these kind will come, because I do think like this sometimes, and I like it when I do that. Some of you may think of these as ridiculous posts, however, some of you may wanna join in in the conversation.
Do comment if you’re a part of the latter group of people!

Oh, and you can totally break this wild idea down by disproving it, or any of the future ‘WHAT IF’ posts with the help of concrete Science, and I would love to know about it.

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  1. Aditya Aditya

    That’s an interesting take on things. But I guess we don’t need the fifth dimension. All that you talked about is possible in four dimensions as well. Given you assume that we have *free will* (another debate in itself).

    • Take out a paper and a pen. Make a straight line. That is 1 dimensional.
      Now, make a turn. It becomes 2 dimensional.

      Time, as we see it now, just goes to past and future. It’s like an infinite length straight line. Which is 4 dimensional since each of the infinite points of this line contains a 3 dimensional universe.
      If it takes turns, you need to go one dimension up – the 5th dimension. For imagining different ‘time’ objects crossing each other and curving around, you’ll need 5th dimension.

      Getting my point?
      In above context, if you wanna see all of my lives, you need to be in the fifth dimension. In fact, you need to be in the sixth dimension to observe things in fifth dimension. 5th dimension would be having all my lives.

      We ‘live’ in the fourth dimension.

      • Aditya Aditya much physics !! I give up :p

  2. Mihir Mihir

    This reasoning could lead to an infinite dimensional universe. Because nth dimension would always need (n+1)th dimension to “fold” itself. Isn’t that weird?

    • Interesting point! You got me thinking for a while.

      See, firstly, as humans, and more as science people, we wanna unmask everything. That’s what is always inside. To discover what is at the end of the sea, you know? Because of the same thinking, we sometimes start thinking that there must be an end to it. That dimensions could not be infinite. And, That earth is flat. That prime numbers should end at one point. But they don’t. Earth isn’t flat either.
      We’ve always had a difficult time digesting infinities, because it’s not something we can physically relate something to. Take, for example, the fact that there are infinite numbers between 0 and 1. Or between any two numbers you can think of. When you get to know it the very first time, it is equally disturbing.
      But, it’s like that.

      So, there is a possibility of endless dimensions, and that won’t be weird, really. Once discovered or proven.

      Secondly, if you think about it. If 4th dimension = time. 5th dimension could cover the different paths this time could take. 6th could cover the morphing of time’s paths. It’s bending, rolling, jumping and moving in any way, like we can in space. Then, 7th dimension, a single point of 7th dimension consists of all of this.
      Each point of 7th dimension consists of unknowingly huge numbers of parallel time paths (or parallel universes) for each and every kind of 3 dimensional world/place.
      Now, say we make another point in the 7th dimension.
      It would represent a whole new place. It’ll surely contain the time paths and curves but the 3 dimensional world could be totally different. It might not be people, but aliens. Or something else.
      Point is, Would it be possible to join these two points by a line? If not, seventh dimension probably won’t exist. Would it?
      And, if it was possible to join them using a line, then the rule would just go on…and either it could be endless number of dimensions, or after a while, maybe something curls up, or reaches back to some other dimension.
      We have not given a definition to what another point in 7th dimension, except for ours would represent? What would it mean? What would a line mean? It gets complex. Or, maybe I’m just thinking so.

      Damn, these points alone, mentioned and talked of above, forms a lot of ‘What if’s’ on which a hundred imaginative people could argue, or write Sci-fi books. 😛

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