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Unveiled fire

What limits you?
Your thoughts.
Are you human?
Why do you say yes to that?

Take a bowl of rice and pull a handful out.
Thousand different grains in your hand,
Thousand different bodies in your life.
Which one will you choose?

Go ahead now – review, criticize.
There’s a long one, there’s a short one,
There’s a husky one too!
Which one can be your fill?

All this while, I, your brain,
have hidden your soul.
I’ve fooled you, distracted you, played you.
I apologize.
It’s not like I could cage your soul.
I just pretended like it was me.

But, you remember those chills a breeze gives you down your spine?
That’s not me. It was your soul.
And You remember the time you closed your eyes, spoke to your beliefs and woke up with fire  in your eyes?
That’s not me. It was your soul.
You remember how you feel when rain paints every inch of your body?
That’s not me. It was your soul.

Your soul is raw strength.
I am raw intelligence.
I am sorry.
Now I’ll keep myself shut.
Choose the right one from your hand
Choose what you must.

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