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Tag: start of the unusual

[SHORT STORY] Beginnings

This is a true story. In fact, I’ll prove it, as the tale will end. One normal evening, of early 2010, this kid was feeling kind of bored. Nothing interesting was going on in life. Everything was kind of just the way it was thought to be. No surprises. No extreme moments. So, he ended up opening facebook and getting online on chat. Till midnight, he was online, doing nothing constructive, browsing photos, talking to some friends and nothing else really. Some exams were near but, he was honest in the class and so, didn’t have to worry much about them. Then, as the night grew darker, the people who were online got reducing…
Ultimately, only 3 people were left online in his list. He was close to one of them – Meera. She was like an elder sister. He used to feel good talking with her. So, he clicked her name and they started their chit-chat.