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[POST] We did it for Sachin!

274! The score that was given to Indian cricket team to chase!

The second ball and sehwag goes for duck, what a shocking moment it was! And, then, Sachin, goes for 18, what a pity! All expectations down. Frown Faces all over the stadium. Nothing seeming to work.

But, Gautam, Dhoni, Yuvi, Kohli, Raina, They were yet to come!
And, they did. They did Come! Come, stepping over Mumbai Stadium, thinking nothing, but just the dream they had. Totally focused. A lot of pressure over them. Still, they did it and they did it for Sachin.

People were with them. Definitely, each individual of india, who watches cricket, or who even doesn’t. So much, that they paused their dinner, they glued to the seats, not even

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