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[SHORT STORY] Struck by love

Hard struck by love, at his age, 16, Dave,

he had a relationship, a good one at that,

that lasted few months, but circumstances showed him no mercy, so did god,

and he had to face the day, Break up. All over. It was hard for him to come over it, it was actually impossible,

he had lost all his hopes, “suicide, run away, quit ” were his words,

he took as many months as they were committed to realise,  not everything can be his, life can’t be perfect forever,

he had to be wise, he still has his life, there’s still that hope, she may come back to him, or even if she doesn’t,

there’s a lot to spend your life, there’s a lot blue up there which calls you, he realised, he had to make his life,

he had to touch the skies. He held his face high, he pointed at the sun and said, “i have a lot more potential than you, brother! Be ready for me!” .

Suddenly an alarm woke him up, he realised, it was just a dream that he saw,

and he remembered, he had put up some other dreams, dreams of his life, those were yet to be fullfilled,

he took a look at the wall clock, and noticed something, the same second hand was passing the same round path each minute,

” His life is the same. The good, the bad, all times have to come. But the good times have to repeat themselves too. ”

He woke up then,  he has to perform, he has to produce, he has to achieve, he sweared.


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