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[SHORT STORY] The guts to accept a No.

Have we talked about courage yet? The courage that is born out of failure? When it hurts and the world trivializes your pain, your situation, and you’re alone amidst a hundred seemingly happy lives. Basically, the day you fight a battle you lose…
But, then either time passes by or it happens immediately – You buck yourself up. You pat yourself on the back, and for a moment decide not to give a fuck to the world, and go on the journey, even if you’re gonna be alone. There’s courage here! You have the courage to overcome your failure and stand up again. That’s what life is here to teach you.

But that’s not what I want to talk about.
What if you know it’s the end?
What if you know she’s gonna say no?
What if you know people would never look the same way at you after it?
What if you know you’ll be caught?
Long story short, you know the future is gonna hit you with a shovel, pinch you in the eye, kick you in the balls, and stab you in the mouth. Do you have the courage to face it today?
The guts to say it, and accept a negative answer? The audacity to cross the fence, step foot in enemy’s field, and give a barbaric yawp, when you know the next second you’ll have bullets tearing your body into pieces. Do you have that courage? To be a man and face your death, for once?

I didn’t. Until…

…And then I was born again. United inside. Fearless.

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  1. Shrey Shrey

    In the end, again, that’s what life is here to teach you: to be born again, united, fearless.
    A powerful and vivid piece.

  2. Ipsita Ipsita

    So true… An impressive and rich piece.

    • Thank you ipsi! 😀 🙂
      Didn’t know you read my blog too.

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