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[FAREWELL] O Captain, My Captain

I know Captain that you’ve been a great actor. And, I know I’m just someone who never existed in your life. What you should have known is you still bloomed my life. I’ve only seen one of yours – Dead Poets Society. I’m not a die hard fan – I haven’t even looked at other movies of yours or your wiki page, but you played a role and stirred me up.
It touched me. Fired the blood in my arms,
It made me yawp in my heart.
And, from all the tweets, or statuses I see, O Captain, My Captain,
I’m not the only he,
who was shaken up by your soul that was put up in the role.
I stand upon my desk today, to bid you goodbye as I may.
I hope you’re happy wherever you be, you made more lives than broken by thee.
And, today I think, isn’t this enough one would want from his life,
even after death that you’re this alive.

Thank you, Sir Robin Williams.

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