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[POEM] Ninja

A parent’s expectation will drag,
Be punched in the face, teeth out….

An acidic rain will leave his pillow Drenched,
Screaming of love and memories it longs.

A backbreaking construction will break in pieces,
and all the sweat induced will freeze to death.

A midnight shoulder will pass away,
leaving him crippled.

A successful future will haunt and laugh at the hobbies.

Scared, Broken, under the most ecstatic rain of the year, he’ll be immobile on the crossroad, mute.

And this mute will yell, through his soul, of the betrayal, and of revenge :

Go on….Time. Fly.
And, Underestimate me all you want.
I’ll lie still…. On this crossroad,
And wait for my turn.
It’s bound to arrive,
But unbound I.
And, When I’ll fly….
you’ll lie still.

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  1. Ipsita Ipsita

    Intense, very… so truly captures the depth of emotions, and too so beautifully. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much, both of you. 🙂

  3. “A successful future will haunt and laugh at the hobbies.” _/\_
    Highly relatable.

    • Yes, and so it was quite easy to come to mind 😛

  4. Agrita khattar Agrita khattar

    You capture emotions so beautifully. Really nice.

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