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[THOUGHTS] New road ahead

It’s been time I haven’t written anything on my blog. It wasn’t because events didn’t happen or something didn’t inspire me. It’ll sound quite silly but my hands slowly and gradually stopped writing. I turned lazy and evil enough not to write but just think about the thing and go to sleep. Eventually, thanks to my anti-eidetic memory, I don’t remember many of them.  But, it’s okay.

I realised today that whatever happened was for good only. When I started writing, It primarily was because of a girl. Yeah, no more questions about it. I would have written a story or told you if it was needed. Back to the topic – It was all from core of my heart. I wrote whatever I felt. Then, the range of topics of my writings extended, they covered more people of my life, example would be my teachers. Then, as time kept on going by, I wrote on some more subjects. heart-brain

When some of my friends got to know about my blog and what I’ve written, some of them who had no idea about how good stories, poems and literary works could be, liked what I had written. And, they appreciated it. Later, many people liked it. I, slowly, and gradually, fell into this web of fame. I started writing about events and happenings and my thoughts but they were not pure, they were not totally from my heart. I realised I was writing them to impress people. It kept on going like that and a day came when I thought of writing something because I’ve not written in a while and for the same reason I tried making a post with all kind of sugar and spices in it. I wanted it to be good enough to get shared on facebook and maybe reach out to people. That’s where I got lost…

Thank god, my hands stopped writing themselves. Today, on one of my best friend’s birthday, I wished of writing her something but I couldn’t. It’s not that I didn’t try. The bad side took over and I wanted it to just make her happy. That’s mind. Not heart. I tore down the page and just prayed for her to be happy always wherever she is. Though, I’m guilty because I promised to write her something, I think what I did was right.


From now on, I won’t be writing any plots or stories. Maybe not even poems(untill they rise from where my blood does). At the starting, I used to write about sth when something used to inspire me to write. I’m gonna do the same now. The incidents/experience won’t be turned or modified or moulded in any other form though. They’ll be straight how I saw or felt about them. That’ll be better I think. I don’t need views. I just wanna pour out my heart, again…..


Thanks to this website. It somehow helped me today. Worth bookmarking for everyone, I think –

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