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Sometimes you need a kid around you,
One who would hug you if you tell him/her to,
One who would kiss you if you tell him/her to,
One whom you can squeeze into your arms and close your eyes,
One who’ll smile and make you smile.

And, if not a kid, maybe a dog
Who can run circles around you and lick you up,
Who won’t notice your work or that tensed face,
Who will sit beside you hoping you do the same,
And be content with that. Just that.

A simple life like that,
A much-needed break from the traffic jam life is here.

But, I don’t have a dog, nor such a kid.
Yet I don’t quit.
Some people’s words have the power,
And they give you the strength, the smile, the shade…
The calm, the crown, the cape.
Myheroes-mita, almost open book, ipsita057
I rest beneath those words, I reside in their cave.

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