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[POEM] Her Greatness…

Note: I won’t disclose her name. If she’ll read this, she’ll come to know about it. For others, she’s just a perfect girl.  And those who are thinking wrong after reading this – – – > > she’s just a friend, even a guru…! Okay. So better don’t think like that . I just wrote what i thought at that time.

March 7, 2010

Today was my C++ final terminal exam. Well it went well. Afterwards, we , me and my friends had to submit some fine to the teacher. Thereby, i got to know about my physics marks through my classmates. I was happy as they were much above my expectations. Anyways, then we took our route to our respective homes. While we were in the school and reaching for the gate, we were having fun, cracking jokes on each other. While going downstairs, my eyes saw someone coming upstairs. Our heads were high and straight, hers was down. Don’t know why. But leaving that, i wanted to ask her – how was her exam. She had an exam too. And she had a good nature. She was a friend of mine. But we rarely talked in school. She was the ultimate girl of school. The time i took in thinking this much was enough for getting us downstairs and her upstairs. So, there didn’t go any words between me and her. I felt really bad Again because of my shy nature.

Till we reached the school gate, i was just criticising my innerself. ‘Why yaar? Why didn’t you just ask her? What would have happened? Would she have killed you? Why soooooo shy that you can’t even ask a friend how she had her paper?. ‘ After i wished goodbye to my buddies. I continued to make my way to me home. I had 10 minutes of a journey and i thought 10 minutes are enough. So, i started with it. The first and foremost thing i was thinking about was why her face was down. . .maybe, she was sad, she won’t have had a good exam but somehow i knew, that she wasn’t sad. Her expressions were normal only. Her face was normal. “Then what?” i thought. Maybe she didn’t want to see me or wanted to ignore myself, so she put her face down. But she never does that to anybody. Why would she do it to a friend. Or maybe, she was in a hurry, she had to go somewhere, she had been given some work and for climbing the stairs faster, she was seeing them and walking upstairs with her face down. “mmmmmm…..No..!”  Then I gave up. Almost.

Then again, i thought of the incident. This time, i just compared it to my life and a bit of hers too. I added to it my nature and a bit of hers too. I had seen her climbing up and up this year, the whole year, just getting successes everywhere and i had seen myself just getting success once in academics and failure everywhere else, fallin down everywhere. No, no, i was not jealous. Not at all. I felt something was ironical. I was stepping down the stairs with my head straight above or i can say i was failing in my life due to my overconfidence. She had her head down and was heading upstairs or she was able to achieve each success she wanted to because she was modest and due to her down to earth nature. This mere thought made me realise, how great she is! I feel really honoured to be a friend of someone like her. But at the same time, these short 2 seconds made me ashamed of myself and taught me something…..and much more……

Nothing happened. It was just 2-3 seconds time of 86400 seconds in the day which, whole day kept me thinking about it. Thats the depth of real life.

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  1. jasmine jasmine

    simply loved it.. <3

  2. shilpa shilpa

    very nice bhavull…


    lyk it really………..

  4. Surabhi Surabhi

    Its beautiful simply i love it……….

    • Bhavul Bhavul

      Thanks a lot di . . .

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