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[SHORT STORY] Getting bigger, and mature

Her parents had gone out, for some days, sheena, alone,

by herself was handling everything.

A thought of hers “She had to. She was big now, 17years big” was what gave her this inspiration.

She was sitting, and after browsing all the 100  channels, dull, boring, she switched off the TV. She tried for some music and tried to make it up with radio in her cellphone. But it didn’t work either. After 20minutes, she was like “How boring, the day is…”

She had no work to do and perhaps she had done all the fun she could, in the last 3 days.

But She knew it, when noone is there, friends are always there. She called her best friend, cia. Her mom picked up, and told her that cia’s not at home and would return later. She got a similar reply when she called 4 other friends. How bad. How unlucky was she! How boring the day was!

One last hope, she had. She texted everyone in her contacts list a funny message. She waited for a reply. 5 minutes, then 10 minutes, 20……and irritatingly she threw her mobile.

“okay!Fine then” she said to herself and went on to her room to study. She entered her room and opened her bag. She saw something else than the boring CBSE books. She pulled it up. “Modern Convent School Magazine” the front cover said. She thought maybe the magazine would be more exciting than the colourless books. She put it out of the bag and started reading it. The school magazine. For the first time.

According to her, the First 2-3 pages were just a long essay by principle so they were not to be read. She was switching the pages, pg 8, 10, 13, 17, 18, 19… Oh wait, she saw someone on pg18. Her best friend’s snap. Cia, Holding a trophy. Then she read the heading- “Interschool dance competition” . Soon after flipping a page more, she again recognised another friend in an image. Wow, she didn’t even knew all this had happen.  Again another page, writing section, Rajat, raghu, lakshika, tavleen, all were there. She was shocked. All her friends were there. They have done so much more than just fun in the class. She was impressed. Soon, she got to know, at each page, there was atleast name of any 1 friend of hers. Slowly slowly as she was reaching the end of the magazine, she started feeling ashamed, down, regretfull. . .

Why she had not done anything ?

“My all friends are there, the magazine is full of them, the inter-schools, the camping, the ceremonies, the competitions, the poems, the articles, and damn it, only my name is missing from the magazine… ”

She felt immensely low at heart, almost to cry, she understood, at first she felt, how  mean the world is, how she was so dumb, then she thought, all was due to her only.

She realised :-

Its her laziness, her lethargic attitude only which made her waste most of her time.

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Published in Short Stories


  1. shilpa shilpa

    hey bhavul…u think and write it or….wot is dat..dat inspires u to write…and also 1 more thing…u write well..but hw..?
    u can write ur own book…nd u said u will do it..!!!!

  2. Bhavul Bhavul

    Its just that i don’t like to hide anything, and observing life around you and thinking about it later, ends up having great minute but deep conclusions. I just write them on my blog. That’s it.

  3. u noe d best part abt ur writing is dat u r a great observer,and ur writings r grounded 2 real lyf incidents.u actualy give a thought 2 d world around u and it shows n ur write ups….awsum yaar!!!!!

  4. Bhavul Bhavul

    Thanks a lot Mohini. Its actually because of you only. I have read your writings and always drawn inspiration from them.

  5. aman aman

    hey bhavul the best thing i found that u brought the feellings in the best can

  6. Bhavul Bhavul

    Thanks brother.

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