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Esprit de corps

The fear, the unpredictability, the unknowing nature. Except the scientists, who have looked at its unknowing nature so positively? It bothers…..
More and more so as age progresses. What would happen after it? You just don’t know. You can’t plan it. And the questions, The Questions attack you – Would you be able to handle it yourself – whatever happens after you do it? Is it a good decision going forward with it? You should probably not do it, is it not dangerous? These questions kick you in the gut and keep making you weak.

Already, life wasn’t going as planned for this girl, and she needed to sort things out. Close friends had distanced from her in the recent past. Moreover, relatives had become a source of taunting grapevine. Uncle and Aunties who’d come home to probably invite for a wedding looked at her and gifted consolation instead of sweets.
All because she was staying at home, even after so long of having done with college. Not working at some place. And as it happens, every uncle would bring a new contact number for a company that might hire her; every aunty would speak of other things she could possibly do. All this while, she stood quiet. She took it all in.

Can’t she just stay at home for a while? People are usually meant to feel comfortable at home. And here she was living in an inverted world.
She gave exams, interviews and simultaneously went through the crap of this society, that can’t swallow ‘different’ people, unorthodox thoughts, and anything not traditional.

And then, a day when she felt ready, she stopped waiting for someone to open the curtains.
She tore through the curtains and took the stage. Opening her to a whole new world.
Was she vulnerable now?

No. She’s a warrior. She’s always been, and she’ll always be.
Not only did she fight all those eyes that offered superfluous sympathy, but became the first one from her family to go out of the city and live independently.

How many times have you been the first one to do something?

The fear, the unpredictability, the unknowing nature. Except the scientists, who have looked at unknowing nature of something so positively?
She did. All this while, when she stayed quiet and took it all in, her courage spoke.

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