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It’s how I look at the world…and how world comes to me.


Last evening was a pleasant one – smudged clouds added vanilla flavour to the cyan sky where eagles, crows and small birds continuously made their presence felt; some green toddlers…


[THOUGHTS] Old Promises

Note : I’m not talking about promises to religion or your lover or promises like taking an oath or something. The post is about promises made to self or the promises made to friends.

Ever had that day, when you said to yourself, or promised yourself that you’ll do something in future? You felt the need/desire of doing it at that time and since at that time, it wasn’t possible, so you kept it for the future time. . .

Well, it happens a lot, at least to me. Then, today I was thinking…Is it really needed to fulfill those old promises ? I mean, look it at like this – You are in a different situation now than you were at that point of time, you probably won’t even feel like doing it now. So, why do it ? Would it be good ? You wanted to do it at that time because you had wanted to do it. Now, you don’t. So should you still do it ? Even if you do, do you think you’ll be able to do it with as much commitment as you’d have given at that time? Probably not.

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