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[SHORT STORY] Beginnings

This is a true story. In fact, I’ll prove it, as the tale will end. One normal evening, of early 2010, this kid was feeling kind of bored. Nothing interesting was going on in life. Everything was kind of just the way it was thought to be. No surprises. No extreme moments. So, he ended up opening facebook and getting online on chat. Till midnight, he was online, doing nothing constructive, browsing photos, talking to some friends and nothing else really. Some exams were near but, he was honest in the class and so, didn’t have to worry much about them. Then, as the night grew darker, the people who were online got reducing…
Ultimately, only 3 people were left online in his list. He was close to one of them – Meera. She was like an elder sister. He used to feel good talking with her. So, he clicked her name and they started their chit-chat.   
Just when, all the gupshup was over between the brother –sister, the kid got a friend suggestion on facebook. It was the name of his teacher and her pic. A teacher, he liked, because, she was different. Different, from all others he knew or had ever seen. Different in the kind of behavior and nature. Different in being weirdly cute. Different for the way she taught. This teacher had also been the reason that made these brother and sister meet.
He was shocked to see that teachers also exist on a social networking site. He asked his sister about the same. He asked her, “What is she doing on a social networking site?”
For him, social networking site was for teenagers, who just wanted to chat in all their free time. Teachers were usually not thought to be doing such things.
She told him, “She’s not only on facebook, but has a blog as well. Anyway, don’t send her friend requests. She usually accepts after you’ve passed out from the school.”
This teacher had been full of surprises. Now, there was one more. Rather two more. The kid has had his own websites in earlier years and hearing about someone he knew, having his/her own did always interest him. He didn’t send a friend request to the teacher. But, he asked for the link to her blog.
She gave him the link and wished him goodnight. The kid had always been interested in websites and all related to internet. Seeing someone, who didn’t look like having a hand in all these things, being an owner of a blog made him respect her more.
As soon as he wished night to his sister, he opened the blog. It was full of posts. Not, just one or two, but many. His interest grew. He thought of her as a teacher only. This was unusual. Something interesting, finally in few days.
He read a post of his teacher. Then, another. One more after it. And, then he stopped. The first post itself was so much thought provoking that he couldn’t leave the next one. The second one opened his eyes. He wondered, how those words, said so much, themselves. The third one amazed him. He was dumbstruck for some moments. This was unusual. And, this was awesome. He had not seen something like this ever before. Seeing that it came from his teacher, at first surprised him. Then, he understood, he has a long way to go. He didn’t want to read another post because, by now, he had got it that this is something out of the world. He must not end all the things by reading them in the first time only.

The next day, he came back from school and again had a read on the same posts. He almost got in tears, reading them this time. The meaning looked more deeper. The words seemed so meaningful. They totally got him in flow, as never any article or anything had ever done.

Like everyone, he had his own problems in his life. And, he had his own way of looking at the life. So, this day came, when this kid unchained his heart and wrote whatever he wanted. He tried to rhyme it as much as he could. Then, he published it as a comment on her blog. And, soon, he developed a habit of writing, whenever he met life, in new avatars. That’s when, the teacher’s blog, gave rise to another blog. The blog you’re reading right now. That’s when, this kid, started developing…into a new individual. A better person. And probably one, who started following his heart.

Thank you Meeta ma’am.

Your heroes have always inspired the kid…and his future version as well. And, they’ll inspire him for the rest of his life…as well…

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  1. thats something really sweet…
    btw the link of that blog???

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