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[THOUGHTS] Apples…Anyone?

Every now and then you change. Your emotions change, your reactions change. Your behavior changes, and your attitude follows. It’s like you get to pick up a fruit everyday, from an ever-growing fruit basket, wherein if today you get a sweet watermelon, tomorrow might end up being a sour orange.

Though, this is not a matter of concern. What is, is that each day, as you get mature, intelligent, and in people’s knowledge, wise and clever, you end up thinking which fruit to pick up each day, for it should be sweet everyday. Profit is what a human mind loves, after all. However, the attempt still fails sometimes. Just as it does to those who just pick up one unconsciously and let the flavor come, in whichever way it wants.

While, you’re in the progressing age, it’s still fine. Even if you end up with lemon juice inside your mouth, your past success with your “technique” sets up a belief that this won’t happen the next time. Because, it’s the way to do it. There’s a way to choose the apples, and not many know of it. So, you can easily be the profitable one always. You can easily end up with a sweet one if you do the right way.

Soon, you do get used to the “procedure” and so much so, that it becomes a habit, a rule, and the only right way to do it for you. This is the point of trouble. Now, that you’ve climbed the mountain, falling down isn’t easy to handle. A day comes, when you do fall down.  You use the technique but it fails. Not once, nor twice, but a lot of times you end up having sour faces. This tears you apart. More, because you still see people around you using the same technique and cherishing the sweetness of their fruit. 

The time comes, when you apply different combinations to try and do the trick. But, the hat never yields a rabbit out of it.It’s that time, when you don’t need to sigh actually. You should just keep on walking. . .
No matter what happens!
One day, things are going to fall into the right place.
It’s time to understand that your and your friends’ lives don’t run parallel. It’s just a matter of time.  It’s time to just go near the fruit basket, close your eyes, like a child, wish for the best one, and pick up any random fruit from the crate. Then, even if it doesn’t tastes as sweet, you at least don’t have to collect your wits to fight yourself. And, who knows, it might just turn out to be the sweetest one of the lot. . .


Remember, Life is a lesson. A lesson is never completed without showing the bad side of something.

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