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[POEM] An infant’s gospel

When i smile, people around me smile . . .
when i laugh, they return it back,
they hug me, then kiss me,
on my forehead, my stomach,
my legs, my neck.

They don’t know,
i just smile at them to make them happy.

I just know two things,
to smile or to cry,
that’s all i can do.
God made me like this.
It sometimes hurt to
see my elders talk and play
and jump, and say,
“how are you doing, lil. scooby do?”

I feel jealous and ask almighty
why them and not I
am able to climb up the stairs
eat pizzas, have cellphones
grow up some hairs. . .

He replies in a kind way
and blesses me with a wish today:
“My child, a materialistic world
awaits for you, once you grow older . . .
I’ll give you what you want.
2 legs or a shoulder ? ”
I understood what he wanted to say
and wished for to remain
the same way
a child, an infant.
till the next birthday. . .

Now, when people hold me
in their arms, and play with me
games that i dont understand,
I smile at them, for now i know
the world they live in, just to see
a little happiness over their face
in this world which is so crappy,
they don’t know
i just smile at them to make them happy.

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