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[POEM] A Teacher


A Teacher


I raised my eyes and looked…
I saw a road so fine.
But it had a lotta traffic and,
was full of lines.
Lines of people
who followed the next person…
and there were not 2 or 3 of them
But a tonne.

I thought a lot…
What should i do ?
Follow the trail or try something new ?
When i was in the confusion,
Someone appeared and helped,
whose eyes gave a sense of illusion.

A beautifull lady with some silky hair
a sense of faith in her eyes, and
like she has for me some care
silently acted and told through her eyes

‘Leave the trail,
Make your way!
I have trust on you
You can do it!…the way you play’

The moralisation proved enough,
for me making up to stand against the rest,
The support proved enough
to boost up the hero inside me, lest
i would have ended up joining the trail
killing my hero, sinking my sail.

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Though unbalanced it proved to be my lifeline.
I created a new road of mine.
I got to know i have something in me,
and avoided the miser.
All Thanks to her. She was a Teacher.

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  1. jasmine jasmine

    nice… the second last stanza specifically..

    • Bhavul Bhavul

      Thanks a lot best friend……

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