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[SHORT STORY] A relation made in heaven

She was happy the way life was going on now. It felt complete. She had her parents, her studies were fine, enough friends were there and there was this silly-chatty-close friend who almost filed the void created when her boyfriend left. She liked talking with him. As time passed by, he almost became her half, as in, she happened to share every small thing of her life with him. He never objected as he liked her from the start. She was also realising that they’ve gotten quite close.
Noticing her talking for hours on the cellphone, smiling looking at texts, ignoring pretty much everything else; her mum could make out what’s cooking with her. She scolded her on a cold and dark winter night and warned not to waste her time like this.
She cried that night. Under the blanket, for hours, thinking about how happy she was and why it happens with her only. The overfilled red eyes were noticed by her mum in the morning but she didn’t ask anything. Following night, when he texted her, “hows my sweetheart? It’s a no-moon night here n I was missing you…”
She replied, “don’t talk to me like that again. Pls. We’re just friends. :)”

When I asked her why did she do this, her reply was, “I had to choose between mum n him. Any child would choose his/her mom.”
Mother and her obedient child. A relation made in heaven.

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