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A lie.

I tasted friendship today for lunch,
It tasted bitter.
I asked her if it had gotten stale?
She stood unspoken for a while…
So, I saw her eyes instead,
Sharp as lasers they tore me in half,
And I fell down to pick up the shattered pieces of trust,
As She uttered, “Oh no nothing. It’s all good. I just have some personal work.”

Why did she have to hide behind the words?

Her hands poked each bubble of memory we had built,
Nothingness remained.
The clouds of dreams we weaved no longer toured the sky,
Promises rained down and met the dust,
As she left for her personal work.

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  1. Dipika khanna Dipika khanna

    You know what bhavul…it’s pretty much true and so very real.

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