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10 Reasons why 2018 was not how you thought it was

I’m a big Youtube guy. Like you might be a facebook person, or a twitterati or even someone who’s usually lost in reddit threads. The fact is that no matter which social network you choose, it’s all populated right now by something very obvious – That this year is coming to an end. 

Like that’s something special. Like it doesn’t happen every year. It’s a simple science fact which we hype and have traditionalised to be celebrated. 
And you know what? 

I agree.

Every day of your past year hasn’t just gone into facebook, and twitter, and random website and apps. If you really try to shut off every thing around you and take a pen and notepad, you’ll be able to recollect your own highlights of 2018.

Perhaps you won an award. Or bought something for someone. Or learnt something. Or achieved something. Or fell in love. Or turned 30. Or, Perhaps there was just a very bad phase that you went through and came right out of it, still okay, having learnt how to deal with such situations.

If you start thinking, you’d realise there were so many things that were the highlights of your 2018. A lot of them would just lighten up your face like nothing else did in the day.

I believe it is not only the celebrities that should be doing this. You and I are just as special and have had just as special a year. So, let’s look back and just recollect all that 2018 offered.


Because when I did so, I realised I could come up with over 20 things that I was either grateful for, or proud of, or happy about, or learnt a great deal from. And when you notice that number – 20 – that basically means something 2-3 weeks on average. And to have had done or gotten something every couple of weeks made me feel satisfied – that life wasn’t really wasted so much as I thought in watching dog and cat videos online. 🙂

So, go on. I challenge you. I dare you. Close your devices, close all the connections to any humans or devices and take a pen and paper and jot down your own highlights. Because you’ll really realise how much you have grown, changed and done. And what better day to do so but when Earth’s going to come full circle again.
If you feel like doing this alone isn’t as rewarding, just grab a friend and play it like a game – wherein both of you jot down the highlights and go telling each other about it one by one.

Oh, and also sorry for the clickbait title. I just really wanted you to try this exercise out.
And when you’re done doing so, read the comment below.

P.S. I also suggest making new year resolutions, but perhaps that’s a story for another day and time.  🙂

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  1. Here’s the bigger reason.

    After I was done jotting down all the things I was happy to have witnessed and gone through in 2018, I tried recollecting how many I could recollect such for 2016 or 2015 or any year before that really. I could hardly come up with 3 or 4 points. And it’s not like those years had not been as special. It’s just that we, as humans, forget things pretty fast, or at least forget the intensities and feelings that those things had hit us with quite soon.

    A small list of all highlights of this year would be a good read, and a big smile for your future self, whenever you decide to go back and have a read. 🙂

  2. Hardik Hardik

    Nice one!
    Motivated to try it, thanks for sharing 🙂

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