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Category: Thoughts

It’s how I look at the world…and how world comes to me.

[THOUGHTS] Apples…Anyone?

Every now and then you change. Your emotions change, your reactions change. Your behavior changes, and your attitude follows. It’s like you get to pick up a fruit everyday, from an ever-growing fruit basket, wherein if today you get a sweet watermelon, tomorrow might end up being a sour orange.

Though, this is not a matter of concern. What is, is that each day, as you get mature, intelligent, and in people’s knowledge, wise and clever, you end up thinking which fruit to pick up each day, for it should be sweet everyday. Profit is what a human mind loves, after all. However, the attempt still fails sometimes. Just as it does to those who just pick up one unconsciously and let the flavor come, in whichever way it wants.

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